The Transformation into Spider-Gwen

This week/weekend was a momentous occasion for me. I went to Youmacon for the first time ever. I decided to do a simple cosplay of Spider-Gwen. It all began with purchasing the hoodie.

I already had pants and shoes but the biggest decision was her blonde hair. It’s very blonde compaired to my natural brunette. After some debate I decided to go with a more permanent coloring than with some quickie spray in stuff. So I began the process of going lighter.

And to get as light of a blonde color as possible. So I went even lighter.

At this point my hair had enough. So this is what I ended up going with. Most definitely the lighter than I was but I wish my hair cooperated to go lighter. With the addition of some makeup spider gwen really came together.

As an added bonus, I also bought myself a spider gwen tee to wear under my hoodie in case I got too warm.