About Me/FAQ

What is a Katagi and what is it Kreating?

Katagi is one of a few aliases I use for video games. Its meaning is Japanese for temperment/spirit, as in a characteristic trait not a projection of the afterlife. I suffer from anxiety and need a lot of things to keep myself distracted and calm. This blog is where I will be showcasing some of the Kreations I have made to keep myself distracted.

What is your anxiety like?

Overall I feel like I’m pretty low on the spectrum of anxiety but, it can easily spiral out of control. It hits hardest when I’m over stressed and overwhelmed. Which is partially the reason I got into arts and crafts, to redirect my brain from being stressed and overwhelmed.

What kinds of Kreations will you be showcasing?

Pretty much anything I can think of. Mainly showcasing new things or something I have done to help reduce my anxiety.

Can I suggest a Challenge?

You sure can! The best way is to contact me via the contact tab in the upper right corner of this blog. If I decided to try a user suggested challenge, I will post everything about it here.While I do enjoy working on new challenges I can reject a challenge for any reason.

Where are you from?

I currently reside in the U.S. in this weird shaped state known as Michigan.

What kinds of video games are you into?

Tough question. I’m more than willing to give most games at least 5 – 10 minutes of play time before I decide if I’m going to like it or not. Generally I tend to love Indie games and puzzle games.

What is your day job?

My official title is Planogram Coordinator. Basically I work in the retail environment and I get to merchandise product throughout the whole store on to the sales floor. This entails getting necessary paperwork together, distributing the work amongst the team I work with and getting the work completed on time.


Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Feel free to contact me!

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